Black Diamond Sprinter 275 Headtorch

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Winter running is brilliant, albeit when it isn’t soaking wet or you find yourself knee deep in a bog, because there is more opportunity for seeing the sun rise or set, frosty mornings are beautiful and running in the dark is moody and atmospheric. 

Not only is running in the dark moody and atmospheric but it is also, as it suggests, going to be dark.  Running in the dark is a guaranteed strategy of causing yourself some harm in some way shape or form if you are not prepared.  There are always tricky roots and stones to navigate and these can catch you off guard in day light, so it is best to equipment yourself with a suitable light for trail running at night.

I own a Black Diamond Sprint 1000 headtorch which I am reviewing in this post.

Key Features.

  • 275 Lumen Front Light
  • Power Tap function to transition from Max to dimmed light
  • Brightness Memory – returns to last brightness when turning on and off
  • Red Taillight
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • IPX4 Waterproof Rating
  • 102 g (on my kitchen scales)
  • Micro USB Charger

The Black Diamond Sprinter 275 is brilliant.  When running trails at night, thanks to the wide beam head lamp, the trails are magnificently illuminated.  I have no problems running across technical trails whether rocky or through woods full of tricky exposed roots. 

Running down a narrow single track in a local woods. My phone camera does not do the Sprinter 275 justice

I really like the Power Tap function as being able to quickly dim the front light is great.  Being a considerate runner, when I come across someone walking their dog, I don’t want to blast them full beam as I run by and avoiding this is only a quick tap away!

A benefit of the battery pack being at the back of the head strap is that it distributes weight better.  I find headtorches with all the weight at the front are great for walking but when running, the light can become a bit unsteady and shake around. 

Its small size makes the Sprinter 275 feel stable when on your head

The rear light has 2 x strobe and a permanent setting.  If you intend to run ultra-marathons which can start and finish in the dark, a rear light is a mandatory piece of kit for some events.  Even if this is not what you are planning to do, it is a good safety feature in case your route is going to include any roads.  It is safest to be seen.

The downside to the Sprinter 275 I own, is that the batteries are fixed and therefore cannot be replaced.  However, the newer versions of the Sprinter 275 have Black Diamonds new modular BD 1800 rechargeable battery.  These can be replaced with standard 3x AAA batteries if required. 

For trail runners who are venturing out on the trails this winter, I think this is an essential piece of kit.  Costing around £50, it is reasonably priced for a powerful, lightweight and versatile head torch.

Make the most of winter!

It even fits on my climbing helmet nicely!

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